Poke Salad Revue — Issue #50


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MSU ranked as top ‘Best Value College’ in Mississippi

A Mississippi State University education has the highest value of any college or university in the state of Mississippi, according to a recent analysis from SmartAsset, a financial technology company.


The South

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Metal & Lights illuminates businesses across Tuscaloosa, nation

Here’s some irony for you. If you live in the West Alabama area, chances are you’ve seen Metal & Lights’ work and not even known it — like the massive chandelier that hangs in The Avenue Pub in Tuscaloosa or the sign for the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center, also in Tuscaloosa. If you’re a country music fan, or just a fan of awards shows, you probably saw the 8-foot-high “CMA” letters that Metal & Lights created for the Country Music Association

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4 Analog Products Millennials Are Bringing Back


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This Instagram Couple Earns 6-Figure Salaries Just To Travel The World

They can charge as much as $9,000 to post a single photo.



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