My Favorite Things — July 19–26

I have grown tired of brooding and have started journaling all the things I love during the week.

My favorite things this week. Here they are…

My favorite colors…sunset and rainbow. I enjoyed both this week— even if the rainbow was in the middle of a storm on a paddleboard!

I’ve always loved a window seat. At home or on a plane. Now I can enjoy a window seat at any time!

Walmart Delivery — Because grocery pickup is so Before Times. A few weeks ago, I started using Walmart Delivery for grocery shopping (for the most part). I have used it for three weeks now and have been basically pleased with the online and real-life experience. Occasionally, they don’t have something I need available. One time the wrong cat food was delivered. (But they let me keep it and refunded my money.) If you want to try it, you can save $10 here. (Somehow that is connected back to me. Walmart never explains exactly what I will get, but it’s all about you, right?!)

Where the Crawdads Sing. I finished the audiobook and loved it. Much recommended!

Experimenting with simple syrups. I made a simple syrup out of Mike’s Hot Honey that I have been using in my margaritas. It’s so good. The heat cuts the sweet! And it makes me smile just saying Hot Honey Margarita!

Trying new recipes. Here’s a few I tried this week:
- One-pot Creamy Zucchini Pasta
- Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches
- Classic Blueberry Pie

Finding new old music. Especially loved this one by Odetta.

Planning vacations. I love the planning as much as the taking. And I have been knee-deep in planning for a Girls Trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. I turn in my final assignment for the semester on Wednesday. Headed to the mountains on Thursday morning. Can’t wait!

The best thing about traveling? Coming home! And now I can see our BirdCam while I’m on the road too! We set one up this week.

Hocus Pocus Face Masks. Need I say more?

What was one of your favorite things from your past week? Post one in the comments below!

Passionately curious.