Our league’s second round of fantasy football playoffs is this weekend and I am still in the hunt, as they say, so I have spent way more time than I should, in general, thinking about football and optimum lineups and projected points (especially with doctoral research to work on and all). I guess that is why my brain decided to just go all in. For some reason, I started wondering about football uniforms. In general.

Somewhere on Twitter, a college team announced what colors they would be wearing on Saturday and it struck me as odd that such a testosterone-laden…

Poke Salad. It’s wild. It’s Southern…and it grows anywhere there’s sun!



10 Things to See and Do in Natchez, Mississippi in 2020www.nomadicmatt.com
Natchez is a city full of history. Here’s how to make the most of your visit and enjoy the city’s best historic attractions.

If you only watch Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix and never read the book, you might think the titular elegy is for J.D. Vance— the hillbilly-made-good in a meet-cute with Yale Law School leaving his past behind. That’s my problem with the screenplay. The movie has stellar acting performances by Glenn Close and Amy Adams, prescient directing by Ron Howard, and beautiful cinematography — but the screenwriting adaptation misses the point of the book.

The subtitle of Vance’s 2016 book, A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, emphasizes the importance of family and place in this story. And the…

It’s wild. It’s Southern…and it grows anywhere there’s sun!


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How your state cooks Thanksgiving turkey: roast, deep-fry, smoke www.wjtv.com

The overwhelming majority of people across the U.S. — including Mississippi — plan to roast a turkey this Thanksgiving holiday.

I have grown tired of brooding and have started journaling all the things I love during the week.

My favorite things from the past week. Here they are…

Traveling. Oh, how I miss traveling. I broke down and took a mini-trip to Chattanooga, planning mostly outdoor things and armed with hand sanitizer and masks. Just to be moving through things and experiences again made me feel almost normal.

I have grown tired of brooding and have started journaling all the things I love during the week.

My favorite things this week. Here they are…

Unicorns — But especially this unicorn pool float. No 50-year-old has spent a better $30 in her life!

Twitter Lists — The only thing better than Twitter lists? Reading my Twitter lists on the Flipboard app!

Air Conditioning — When you get lap sweat from sitting on your front porch drinking coffee at 6 a.m., you have a very special kind of appreciation for the guy who invented air conditioning. I spend too much…

After Our Daughter’s Wedding
by Ellen Bass

Via the Writer’s Almanac

While the remnants of cake
and half-empty champagne glasses
lay on the lawn like sunbathers lingering
in the slanting light, we left the house guests
and drove to Antonelli’s pond.
On a log by the bank I sat in my flowered dress and cried.
A lone fisherman drifted by, casting his ribbon of light.
“Do you feel like you’ve given her away?” you asked.
But no, it was that she made it
to here, that she didn’t
drown in a well or die
of pneumonia or take the pills.
She wasn’t crushed
under the mammoth wheels of a semi
on highway 17, wasn’t…

by Twyla Hansen

As if you needed one,
as if you could help it,
for no good reason
a tune out of nowhere
pops into your head
when you least expect,
riffs effortlessly in the
folds of your cerebrum —

your own private jukebox,
your personal music device
on random minus the earbuds —
drumming itself up to keep
you company: here, a little
Janis Joplin while you vacuum
cat hair; there, a John Denver line
as you peel potatoes at the sink.

How can others not hear it,
this frequent odd gift?
Sometimes you forget
and blurt the words to the chorus,



‘A Year in Mississippi’ has beautiful stories from the Magnolia State www.sunherald.com
“A Year in Mississippi,” the fifth book of Mississippi stories from editors Judy Tucker and Charline McCord, may perhaps be their most delightful account of the Magnolia State yet.

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